The vaccination debate…in my head!


There comes a time when you’ve read WAY too much in life. 8yrs ago when we had our first child, giving vaccinations was something we felt needed barely any consideration. Of course you give them, why on earth wouldn’t you?!

8yrs down the track, all of a sudden on vaccination day, I’m questioning, feeling guilty and relief all in one.  Many parents have testified that vaccinations changed their child. It gave them Autism. Parents know their kids so well that I can believe that statement. For some, genetically Autism was already there, but maybe hadn’t become apparent yet, so perhaps a coincidence. For some, maybe not. For some, the vaccinations absolutely caused their child to change. Vaccinations are full of heavy metals etc that can do that. Now through extensive treatment with a Biomed doctor, some are slowly getting their child back, some are not.  All these testimonies and arguments, I can believe for sure. I have a child on the spectrum, I understand the grief, stress, and sadness these parents can experience.

On the other hand, vaccinations save lives. That’s the reason they were made. Simple. My world came crashing down in 2015 when my 7 week old got Whooping Cough. It was a devastating time seeing my little person struggle so much.  Thankfully she had a milder case, so didn’t need hospitalization.  Turns out part of the reason it was milder was probably because I had been vaccinated prior to the pregnancy, so I was passing antibodies through my breast milk.  THANK GOODNESS!

Can you see why I sit on the fence and feel guilty and relief at the same time on vaccination day? Do I choose Autism, particularly when severe, can rob someone of their life? Or, do I choose to vaccinate and prevent life threatening illnesses? Whooping Cough or Autism? Whooping Cough or Autism. It’s not an easy choice, especially when you’ve experienced both!


Riding the Rollercoaster

198H.jpgThis is a blog written in January that I didn’t get to post:

Here I am just riding the Rollercoaster of joy, trials, faith and utter sadness.

It all begins with the birth of our fourth child, and first daughter. It’s been such a delight welcoming sweet little Laila into the family and watching the relationship between Laila and her dad, and her siblings blossom. It’s amazing how her personality is similar to mine in many ways. It just means we get each other. Frustrated she won’t sleep in her swing, but at the end of the day I don’t like swings, they make me sick. Fair enough Laila. This overwhelming joy was smashed a few weeks ago when Laila was 7 weeks just before her immunisations were due, developed a cough that turned into cough attacks leaving her breathless and vomiting, and me crying. I thought it was Whooping Cough, but it wasn’t for another week when she was eventually diagnosed with Whooping because she began the recognisable whoop. I walked around for about three days being ill with a virus and crying a fair bit. I couldn’t believe I was finally given a daughter and could lose her so soon. Very quickly my prayer life jumped into action, along side my amazing friends and family who have also been lifting Laila up in prayer. At first, I wasn’t feeling hopeful and was terrified things would worsen and Laila would be hospitalised. Then, as I was praying one day I got a sense of peace, and a real sense Laila was going to be ok. Next, I needed to see a glimpse of hope. Soon enough improvements happened, and now she hasn’t had a cough attack for three days. I just feel so blessed, she has seemed to develop a more mild kind of whooping. It could have been so much worse. I just try to enjoy every minute with Laila and am forever grateful for God’s angels always surrounding our girl through this. She has a way to go, but I’m thrilled to see her improving.