Tasty dessert at Roladin

All the desserts were soon tasty and rich. Roladin, Jerusalem


Bacon with a side of bacon!

Zuni’s cafe, Jerusalem did not disappoint. The only 7-day restaurant that I know of over the west of Jerusalem. What’s more? They serve an English breakfast complete with BACON!!!! To ensure we went all out for our Australia Day celebrations, we ordered a side of bacon with our main meal of bacon. They don’t have the biggest servings of bacon, but they do have tasty meals, beer, bacon and great service. Not much more you can ask for really.

Day 16/365 – Sushi dinner

I thought Sushi is meant to be eaten in one bite.  This sushi was huge.  There was no way I could get it in one mouthful, and I have a big mouth.  Instead. I spent most of my meal, fishing around for floaties in my bowl of Soy Sauce.  It was tasty, but not so sexy. Definitely room for improvement. Sakura restaurant, Jerusalem.

Nachos @ Fuego’s

I will admit, when these Nachos arrived at my table, I was a little disappointed.  I had my heart set on traditional nachos.  But, one bite in, I was not turning back.  This was light, refreshing and each mouthful was a new and tasty flavour.  To add to the tastiness factor, the black olives were THE best I have ever had! Thanks Fuego’s in Ramallah for a unique, tasty Mexican adventure!