Celiacs in the land of bread: Would you like gluten with that gluten?

My expat journey just got a little more challenging. Whilst it is helpful to know the reason for my health challenges, being given this diagnosis in the land of bread is hard.

In Jordan, they have Pita bread with and in all their meals. There are salads with fried bread in it, kebab served in or around bread, bread in hommus. Even if you get bbq meat, there will be a piece of bread on top of it and underneath it. This isn’t cool. Hello constant cross contamination.

What’s worse? I spoke to a Jordanian friend the other day and asked her what the word for Celiac is in Arabic, she said there isn’t one. FANTASTIC!!!! I’ve learnt the Arabic word for gluten and wheat, but they dont understand me. Some know what gluten is, others don’t. I can ask for meals without bread which helps, but I’m still left wondering if dishes have gluten or not. I’m literally walking by faith in every meal, doing my best to eat gluten free and leaving the rest to God.

The joys of living in the Hasmite Kingdom.


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