Ramblings of a hectic life in a more peaceful place. ¬†Does that title even make sense?

The emotions continue to roll me over the coaster while I try to be mindful of them, acknowledging them, accepting them, and moving onto the next one, something I’ve learnt to do that is incredibly important for my sanity and mental health.  It’s soo nice to be free of Postnatal depression this time around.  It’s so liberating, but all the same, I’m incredibly careful, making sure I’m getting lots of sunlight through the eyes and talking, talking…

Life is pretty busy here.  I have more balance in life since finding a babysitter.  I can now actually meet people and go on date nights with my handsome husband.  Thank goodness!  We are also having play dates at least once a week so all has improved in the area of friends.  I still continue to feel like I’m on holidays in this place.  Jordan is SO relaxed.  It’s really nice to be freed from the tension, political uncertainties and constant security threats in Jerusalem.  It’s nice to not feel vulnerable to that level, and generally feel more peaceful.  It was time for this change.

I’m feeling excited for the new phase of schooling to start at the end of the month, but a little grieved because I feel like I’ve been a grumpy, stressed mumma these past few weeks.  With the above mentioned handsome husband busily doing amazing at his new job, wowing his new employer, it does mean a fair bit of single parenting at home.  I know this phase will settle, but it does take its toll.  I feel fairly burnt out.  I’m also trying to workout what’s happening with my food allergies, which make me so exhausted everyday, making me feel like I have a constant sinus infection and glandular fever.  I think I have a Histamine Intolerance.  I’m busily looking into modifying my diet to help sort this issue out a bit, but it is very hard when I can’t get the supplements that I need here, nor the right kind of foods.  I keep running into walls with this stuff.  I’m also incredibly impatient, so the whole idea of adding a teaspoon or so of something per day is incredibly tedious.  I’ve been doing some research and feel pretty inspired by The Low Histamine Chef’s recent books and articles.  I’m hoping to see a difference soon.  I’m seeing a difference in Laila’s tolerance levels of foods.  She hasn’t been waking every 1.5-2hrs at night for a little while now.  This gives me hope!!  I’ve been feeding her a lot of foods that use some GAPS-style stock.  She still has hives on her face, but do you know what, she is otherwise really happy, so I’m not going to worry for now.  I think it might be eggs, but don’t know for sure.

In all my busyness of late, I’m still really hungry to learn.  I’m looking forward to school starting back so I can have space to learn Arabic and keep up with my kids who will now be going into full immersion of Arabic.  Nothing like the desire to be one step ahead of my kids with the Arabic swear words and playground Arabic language to inspire me to learn FAST!  Wish me luck.