Navigating the hurdles 

We are settling in and loving this place, Amman.  It amuses me everyday.  There is so much chaos on the roads, but it works.  Most roads there aren’t lines to mark the lanes, but it doesn’t seem to matter.  They make their own lanes and rules, and somehow it works.  

Life is easy so far.  We are happy in our house.  There is something about it that just feels like home.  It helps we have space and the kids intensity levels have dropped heaps. We are going on daily adventures exploring our surroundings and getting to know the friendliest people on the planet.  People are just so friendly in Jordan.  Always happy to help or share a smile. And the amount of times people want selfies with or want to kiss Laila is impressive.

Our only hurdle now is schooling.  The international schools charge a fortune for so little. When asked if they offer financial assistance for families, they respond with ‘of course, you can pay the fees in three payments!’.  So can everybody else, how is that a discount? and you want to teach my child..I don’t think so, not until you’ve improved your maths skills. The other hurtful thing is having your child knocked back from a school because of their learning difficulty, when on the scheme of things is incredibly mild (I used to teach a class of 12 kids with needs that were way more challenging than that.  You can adapt things for one, surely!). Anyway, at this stage I may have to homeschool Maxi, which would suit him perfectly.  The other two have a space at school that we really like.  School isn’t the right place for Max, especially the academic/textbook style of teaching.  Navigating the school system is certainly a challenge.  It will be nice when we have successfully navigated the system and have a plan.

Until then, we shall continue to spend our days exploring the parks and classes.  The only problem is, I’m just a little bit over having to use a map everywhere we go, without a navigator and four loud kids in the back.  Needless to say, I’m exhausted by the end of the day, everyday.