Starting from scratch

Being a mother of four I’m unsure of how other mothers of four or more manage to blog regularly, when I don’t even manage to go to the toilet regularly (well, when I want!).  So here is my latest installment of musings from abroad.

We are still abroad, but have moved across the bridge to Jordan.  It was time for a less intense life for our little people (and us).  

I knew we were ready for a change, but it was certainly tough saying goodbye to our family in Jerusalem (I’ve learned while on post your friends very quickly become family), and even more difficult taking our children away from teachers and friends they love so dearly. We visited our friends and family in OZ on our way to Jordan. I love visiting family and friends, but it is soo bitter sweet.  In hindsight, doing two major farewells back to back was way too hard, won’t be doing that again.  It’s also tough having a daily reminder of the fun you are missing out of and the ease of lifestyle too.  Life is just so damn easy in OZ.  If things do go pear shaped there, problems are solved easily and quickly.  I’m told life is easy in Jordan too, I hope so, because life in Jerusalem was unnecessarily difficult.

We’ve began our journey in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.  Feeling a little depressed from farewelling friends and family (oh, the guilt I feel from having to take our kids away from the grandparents yet again!).  It’s also a little tough coming from holiday…to home…..where is my home?  I know, it’s a first world problem, but I currently don’t have a home.  I’m itching to settle somewhere.  The kids are ready to settle.  They are being so intense and challenging.  They need their own space and lots of it, preferably in a different room to me.  It’s all about navigating life the best we can.  Off we go again, starting life from scratch but with good health (our little lady is very well).


What do you think?

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