Happy Photography Challenge

I knew when I embarked on the Project 365 challenge, it was definitely going to be a challenge.  37 days, not bad! I’m going to try 100happydays challenge that’s going around, but slightly altered to suit my needs. The whole reason the creator of the challenge set this up was to challenge people to make time to be happy. Whilst this makes sense, it takes extra time to capture, upload and comment on that happy moment. So, my plan is to capture 100 happy days, just not consecutively so it doesn’t cause unhappiness trying to achieve the goal. Seems slightly more achievable and less stressful for me this way. Seeing the green depressive gremlin seems to shadow me at times, it would be nice to try to capture and share the happy moments to remind me how good life really is.  Hope you enjoy the journey with me.


What do you think?

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