Bacon with a side of bacon!

Zuni’s cafe, Jerusalem did not disappoint. The only 7-day restaurant that I know of over the west of Jerusalem. What’s more? They serve an English breakfast complete with BACON!!!! To ensure we went all out for our Australia Day celebrations, we ordered a side of bacon with our main meal of bacon. They don’t have the biggest servings of bacon, but they do have tasty meals, beer, bacon and great service. Not much more you can ask for really.


Day 27/365 – Celebrating Australia Day with a side of a bacon with our bacon. Happy times, happy tummies!!!

Relationship expiry date

Where do I start on sharing my levels of frustration and disappointment? Do I start and try to explain that Hamas is mad at all Australians just because of a lame, lame comment made from one person?  I’m fed up with how one person makes a daft comment, then it’s expected that we all believe that comment.  It’s ludicrous and unfair how this world works.  Whilst our safety isn’t in jeopardy, our once respected nationality is now the laughing-stock over here, and also the punching bag for Hamas’ frustrated reporters. 

Putting those frustrations aside, I’m kinda sad.  I’ve had yet another family that we were close to just leave Jerusalem.  It just totally rips my heart out.  The thing is, it isn’t just saying goodbye to a good friend, it’s saying goodbye to family.  I have learnt that when you are on post, the friends you meet very quickly become family.  I’m not one to make friendships easily, but in this life style, it’s amazing how fast these friends jump to family status.  The beautiful people who have just left aren’t just my friends, but my brother, sister, niece and Cameron’s best friend (his words).  They came to the kid’s birthday parties, shared many dinners and drinks with us, and played many games of Settlers with us.  They were our family.  So, how is one supposed to get used to making new family as quickly as you are farewelling family? I don’t know, but as I said it is heartrenching.  The thing is, I also know that other brothers and sisters that I have been blessed with, also have a limit of how long they can stay. It’s so hard knowing that the precious, close relationships you have formed in such a short time all have an expiry date.  Not that when they leave I stop being friends with them, of course not! But knowing that all these beautiful people are only physically in your life until the expiry date is up is tough to take, especially for an introvert that only ever has small, close groups of friends.  It’s hard. I guess another one of those perks of being on post hey?!