Is keeping a food blog a good idea?

One way to my heart is definitely through scrumptious food. Loving it!  Last week, when I thought about my adventures and the awesome food I’m eating, blogging my way through the world’s menu seemed like a great plan!  Since starting it though, I’ve realised just how much I eat.  In my defense we do have a friend staying with us, so are helping her tummy experience the Middle Eastern cuisine. But, by looking at this blog, I can straight away see where my extra 10kg has come from since arriving Jerusalem.  We have found some great restaurants where every bite causes a food dance in my mouth.  We then of course have to take our guests to these great places when they visit.  It’s tough!

The question is, will I continue to blog my food adventure? Of course I will, sometimes guiltily, but food is a big part of my life.  I’m always happy when I’m sampling tasty food and wine with my husband and friends.  Why stop blogging the adventure?!


What do you think?

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