I love it when you meet people who completely smash a stereotype you had previously formed about them.  It’s really refreshing and intriguing.

It has been such a privilege getting to know my Jewish netball team better.  They are so friendly.  I’ realised that the mass generalization that I made was more about Israelis in general, not Jewish women (I haven’t met many Jewish men, so not sure how they are).  I still find most Israelis have a bee in their bonnets, but the Jewish women that I have met do not.  Sure there are some crazy Jews around (I don’t count stoning people as friendly), but I guess all cultures and religions have their fair dose of the crazies.  I’m still in awe of my Jewish netball team.  A very, very brave Palestinian asked if she could play.  She hasn’t played before, nor did she even know what netball even was! But, the Jewish women welcomed her, showed her how to play and encouraged her.  She had a brilliant time.  This was a testament to these fabulous women, and instilled in me a renewed sense of hope for peace and love in this land.  I’m looking forward to getting to know these fabulous women more and learn more about the Jewish culture.

Not a day goes by in this place when I’m not challenged in my beliefs, and world and political views.  Everyday, I’m growing a little more in faith and worldliness.  I really have grown so much in the last 18mths. This is by far the best time of my life.  Most people dread going into their 30’s, but I’m loving it


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