Branching out!

I have some exciting news.  I got to play NETBALL!!  It was a rather fun, but intense time though.  Max’s OT kept telling me about netball and finally just started a casual muck around game just near where I live.  Soooo, I went!  It was really bizarre for me (and painfully confronting of my lack of fitness).  This was my first time that I’ve hung out with a group of Jewish women.  I have met plenty of Jews, but haven’t really spent a big amount of time with them. In some ways they were like me, because majority of them are from Australia, others from New Zealand and South Africa.  But, in so many ways we were so different.  It was my first experience of feeling segregated from a group because of where I live and my political views.  I perhaps haven’t used the correct word.  They were incredibly friendly and welcoming to me, but I felt soooooo different because of my political views.  I have to say, I was grateful to meet them in that kind of environment.  I could have short conversations with people, and run off to get the ball when the conversation stressed me out.  How did the conversation stress me out? My reasons were different for being here and even my religious beliefs (not Zionist by any stretch so that made for an interesting conversation with GK when her main reason for moving here was her Zionist views.  Eik, awkward).  Then it came to saying where I live.  A really nice, young girl’s response to my suburb was impressive. ‘Really…..but….don’t Palestinians live there, and don’t settlers take their land’.  Yes, yes and yes. It was a great opportunity to share how kind, hospitable and friendly the Palestinians are.   Whilst this was by far the most bizaare netball game I have EVER played, I’ve made a committment to return weekly (not without huge amounts of prayer coverage – a prayer point for those praying for us over here).  I’m really excited and nervous about what converations will arise next week. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to meet friendly Jewish women, have more exercise (although, I know next week to say no to playing again the junior Israel GD champion (I thought I was going to die!!!!)).

Watch this space, I’m sure there will be more tales to tell soon.


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