Emotionally challenged

I’ve always thought that I’m a bit emotionally ‘challenged’.  Whilst, I miss people from home, I’m never really one to weep and cry regularly and feel home sick so much.  But, for the first time in 18 months, I feel a bit homesick.  I don’t miss things, I just miss my people.  So maybe I’m not emotionally retarded, just emotionally slow.  Just feeling a heaviness of heart.  I’m sure this has to do with so many close friends having their first bub, and Brent and Amber almost about to have another niece for me.  Other than that I’m actually fine.

I have certainly had to tap into the Israeli medical system more than I previously would have thought possible, especially in a small space of 18mths.  James had a visit to the hospital, Cami had a visit and three day stay, and now I’ve had some tests on my kidneys which weren’t ideal.  Whilst it’s good to know what’s going on with them, it is completely nerve racking to firstly attempt to find an English speaking specialist, and then trust them completely with a possible impending surgery.  Again, nothing life threatening, but still nerve racking.  It’s times like this that I really miss Australia for it’s great systems.

I’ve been sharing with Kath, who is staying with us, how to find your passion.  The thing is, for me, I hadn’t really found it and until I stopped doing it.  I’ve started teaching library sessions at James’ school and doing some tutoring on the side, and I have come alive.  I can’t believe how hidden this passion has been until I stopped and restarted.  I’m SOOOOOO excited!!!

We are really enjoying our church family here in Jerusalem.  This weekend, we even spent the day olive picking on the Mount of Olives.  The olives will be pressed, then made into olive oil.  The profits are then given to the poor and church projects.

Ausaid had their doors closed this week.  This is a big change in Australia’s international aid.  The thing that astonishes me is what post they have decided to keep, and which ones are going.  So far, we are staying here.  This means Joel now works for DFAT/  Interesting times.

We sure do have a lot happening at the moment.  We are so blessed to have the fabulous Kath staying with us, not so sure she will be feeling the same about staying in the mansion of Chaos.  Cami is a confused by the recent influx of guests and keeps calling her Uncle Rod….close Cami, NOT!


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