Brownie chocolate

Brownie chocolate by nikki.j.thorpe
Brownie chocolate, a photo by nikki.j.thorpe on Flickr
Yep, you read right.  It’s a brownie chocolate.  A rich and delicious chocolate experience.  Chocolate Home, Beit Hanina, Jerusalem.

The most restorative holiday

I have decided the Sea of Galilee and Nazareth are by far my most favorite places.  It’s where the Bible comes to life, without the added tension of Jerusalem.

Even travelling around the sites with three small children, Galilee and Nazareth never fails me.  It’s such a wonder to see all the stories of Jesus’ ministry come to life.  Where he was born, where his parents lived, where he fed 5000 are just a few of the stories you can see unravel before you.  I’m totally in awe of the gift of being able to live just a short few hours away from such a reflective and restorative place like this.

Where is your restorative place??

Is keeping a food blog a good idea?

One way to my heart is definitely through scrumptious food. Loving it!  Last week, when I thought about my adventures and the awesome food I’m eating, blogging my way through the world’s menu seemed like a great plan!  Since starting it though, I’ve realised just how much I eat.  In my defense we do have a friend staying with us, so are helping her tummy experience the Middle Eastern cuisine. But, by looking at this blog, I can straight away see where my extra 10kg has come from since arriving Jerusalem.  We have found some great restaurants where every bite causes a food dance in my mouth.  We then of course have to take our guests to these great places when they visit.  It’s tough!

The question is, will I continue to blog my food adventure? Of course I will, sometimes guiltily, but food is a big part of my life.  I’m always happy when I’m sampling tasty food and wine with my husband and friends.  Why stop blogging the adventure?!