Half of my story.

As I sit here ready to type my long overdue entry, I can’t help but feel frustrated.  I have to be very cautious about what I write in my blog because of consequences that could arise of being too honest.  I find this pretty tricky, to not really be able to share my stance on the situation here.  I just have to remain quiet, which makes me feel even more frustrated, particularly with the upcoming Australian elections.

It certainly is tricky to not be able to share a huge part of my experience here.  If you are interested, we could probably chat honestly over Skype, Voxer or Facetime about my experiences, but I can’t here.  Anyway, so I’m kind of left with sharing half of what I’m thinking and doing here.  Here I go…

We are entering into a new part of our journey.  Max has graduated preschool.  We were keen to keep him at Sunshine for another year, but he announced to his class he was moving schools.  We figured he was ready for Kindergarten at ‘big’ school.  He is excited by this change.  He has a great teacher, and a great Aussie therapist helping him to regulate his emotions a bit more, and cope better with transitions in his world.  James is going to stay at Sunshine.  He has had a great year with Miss Abeer.  He has grown very fond of her.  He is proud of his recent achievements of being able to write ‘J’ and draw a person. He has become quite firery and is being a pest.  Interestingly, his behaviour reminds me a lot of my brother Brent.  The middle child syndrome perhaps?!  Cam, Cam, I’m sure is a song writer or singer in the making.  He is always singing and making up new words for songs.  It’s soooo cute to listen to.  Cam goes to a playgroup once a week, which he loves.  He is always talking about his friends and singing songs from playgroup.

On the church front, we have decided to commit to a Lutheran church in the Old City.  It has a great welcoming community.  I also attend a fortnightly study with Lisa which has been an awesome time for me in growing in faith and passion.  I love hanging out with Lisa, sharing our daily highs and lows, prayers, going to the gym together, and I’m forever grateful for all of her support and prayers  .

We have just started our summer holidays.  Think I must be ready to return to work, as I’m madly preparing a summer program (although, I am using the term loosely!) to keep the boys entertained and myself sane.

Joel is going well.  He is playing with a band which is a lot of fun and a group of very talented musicians. It’s great that Joel has his band, although I think the act of just getting to the practices can be quite overwhelming for Joel, trying to fit everything in.

That’s us in a nutshell.  Cruising along nicely, although slightly chaotically.  I have to say, I never feel in control of the whole parenting/mothering thing.  I certainly don’t try and live up to some Supermum title.  I more just try to survive each day.  I would love to do a bit more of thriving, rather than just surviving, but maybe that is just what life is always like for mums of 3 or more kids 5 and under.  Thank goodness I have the gym and possibly netball.