Too long. Way too long.

It’s been so long I even forgot my user name and password!! There have been some requests for more blog entries (and Bec has also inspired me!).

I loved visiting OZ atChristmas.  I realized that I was on a massive high from meeting up, and having some exceptionally great nights out with friends.  It was such a special time, but I realized arriving home, although very homesick, Jerusalem is home.

My home here is a different way of life filled with tension, security txt messages about places to avoid, car and bag searches when I go shopping, and feeling uneasy when I hear lots of airplanes  going over my house in a short space of time, and my most hate, frequent loss of hot water for days.  I have gotten used to the kids washing my hair in the basin.  Whilst they do an amazing job, Id much prefer my shower.

i am settled here, and feeling even more at peace since taking a break from Arabic lessons and spending time being a stay at home mum.  I feel so at peace in this role, like Im supposed to be doing it.  I do miss one to one teaching, but have enough challenges with my own kids to keep me busy right now.  With all our park visits, Im also guaranteed to have conversations in Arabic on a daily basis.

We are happy here.  As expected, Max has taken some time to settle back in, but I know with time, prayer and patience, we get there.  Until then, I will continue to end up emotionally exhausted every day and question my skills/strategies as a mum.  James’ cheekiness and craziness has stepped up a few notches since getting back.  He is so crazy! Cami is very cute, demanding and independent.  He is running, climbing ladders and ready to give riding a crack.  Speaking of which, Max has started riding without training wheels…very cool!