Holiday time!!

It has been a long time since my last entry! You can say I’ve been busy, but that woulc be an understatment. In the last six weeks, I have had a minor car accident (everyone is fine, but it shook me and I lost a lot of confidence driving).  Joel went away for one week, during which Cami decided it would be a fantastic time to have a seizure thing. He was admitted to hospital for three days whilst they ran heart and brain tests.  All tests were perfect, so the seizure remains unexplained and will hopefully never happen again.  We have also all been sick with tummy bugs, and I also had a kidney infection.  A week after things settled down, the Nanny and Pa show has arrived in Jerusalem. We are all very excited to have the stay in our mansion of chaos.

We are all having a ball showing them around own new home, city and school.  We are currently taking a road trip up north to Nablus and Galilee.  It’s all spectacular and it’s awesome  travelling through the places, seeing for ourselvses where the Biblical stories took place.  Today, the boys were so excited to be lighting a candle and saying a prayer in John the Baptist’s tomb, it was a really beautiful experience for,all of us.

At the moment, when I’m not traveling throughout the beautiful countryside and gorgeous little Arab towns, Im spending my time studying Arabic and doing short photography courses online which I’m loving.  Joel is enjoying his work, and his understanding of the conflict and historical knowledge of Israel continues to grow and truly amazes me (he is teaching me so much).  Max has FINALLY settled into the school term after experiencing much anxiety and anger on a daily basis, and kindly choosing to release this at home with me.  Everyday Maxi’s kind heartedness grows which is gorgeous.  James is still as cute as ever.  When he is not role playing Tom from Fireman Sam, he is busily re enacting Buzz Lightyear ‘to infinity and beyond’ around the house.  All cute stuff.  Cami is stable on his legs, confidently following in his big brothers’ tracks no matter how challenging those tracks are.

Its been interesting watching a lot of the kids play in Israel.  They are way, way too comfortable with guns and the shooting stance replicates those of real soldiers.  It’s frightening! And this brings me to the soldiers in this country.  Firstly, I’m quickly learning that expecting 18yr old Israelis to serve in the army is ridiculous.  What’s worse? They are not taught how to respect weapons, or maybe they are, but this respect is not enforced.  Firstly, I was shocked to see while swimming in a reserve, three 18yr old army dudes arrive, sit their assault rifles on the rocks close to the pool, get undressed and go swimming.  One guy did stay with their gear, but why one earth were they allowed to bring their guns down to the swimming hole? Secondly, the other day whilst I was shopping in the mall, two 18yr old Army chicks were shopping too.  In one hand, they were carrying their shopping bags, on their other shoulder hung their rifles.  Last encounter, the kids were playing in a market square, whilst a soldier was sitting down hanging with his mates.  The problem was, he had his rifle laying ACROSS his lap, POINTING at people.  It was sitting there like it was just another piece of clothing.  He had no respect for such a powerful weapon.  Max happened to run straight past it.  Sadly, I then had to teach our 4 year old to never run in front of a gun.  I understand the chance of it firing off was low, but stilL, accidents happen!!  Anyway, so I have quickly learnt my passion for correct and respectful treatment of weapons!!

Im going to stop now because I’m typing on my iPad and my wrists are getting annoyed at the idea.  Be assured though that we are all doing well, are safe and happy.  We are truly enjoying our time and experiences in Israel. We are especially thrilled that we not only got to go to an AFL grand final breakfast (complete with bacon, something we’re really missing)but we got to watch the Swans win! So awesome!!