Exhausting immersion

Whilst immersion is the best way to learn a language, it’s full on! I am absolutely exhausted at the moment. We are in our last week of Arabic intensive and whilst I will miss it, I’m also sighing a breath of relief.  It wasn’t until yesterday that I found out I am learning in my one hour lesson per day the same that the Intro Arabic class does in six hours per week.  No wonder why I come away completely exhausted and for the last half of the lesson I stare at my teacher blankly because my brain has turned to mush.  It certainly hasn’t helped that Cami has been waking about 2-3 times a night and each night JJ or Max seem to make their way into our bed (in fact, last night we had both in bed with us!).  The thing is, I am too exhausted to train Cami to sleep through and retrain Max and J to sleep independently.

So, although we have worked out I’m exhausted, I have also discovered my love for tea with mint.  Tea with mint where have you been all my life?  It’s so refreshing and SO good!

We had the utter most privilege of having Miss Sarah stay with us last week.  We had fun (and feralness at times with the boys) exploring Jerusalem complete with a trip to the Dead Sea (also shared with Amy on Skype), camels and a quick trip through the Old City.  Sarah was also introduced to the ‘proper’ Middle Eastern Hommus which is divine, and my fav pastries (I’m still not sure how she managed to stop at one!).  We all loved having Sarah stay and were incredibly sad to have to send her on her way.  Thankfully, we have our next visitors coming tonight, our neighbours, Rod, Anne and Caleb.  Really looking forward to catching up with them.

I’m still loving driving in Jerusalem although I have gotten my first parking ticket (I think! It’s written in Hebrew so I only know how much I owe, not what the offense was, or even how to pay it.  Nice work guys!).  I think I’ll wait till they chase me up about that one.  I think i have a pretty good case to fight.

Max and J continue to settle in well.  Maxi is still making up all sorts of words and claims that they are indeed Arabic.  We are excited because J’s teacher is Palestinian so she speaks to J in Arabic which is perfect.  Max is also settling into school well.  It seems to be a perfect environment for Max.  Small and intimate with freedom for the spirited 🙂  James is asking for Nanny everyday (‘Nanny come to my house’ ) so one would say he is missing home and his Nanny.  Somedays I am okay with it, other days I just want to burst into tears whenever he asks.  It is a constant reminder of how much we all miss everyone.  Meanwhile, the boys are so happy in our mansion.  They have so much space to cruise around.  We are finding they are more independent in this place.

We got along to our local church (finally!) on the weekend.  We really liked it.  It’s in Arabic, but there is a translator so we have the best of both worlds.  We will go again on Sunday and see what we think.

Time to rest my mashed brain…


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