It’s getting closer and closer

Our departure date is getting closer.  We now have flights booked for 15th March.  Since then, it all is starting to feel real.  Whilst I should be spending less time procrastinating all the jobs to do, I just want to play with close friends and continue to make long lasting memories..

I’ve spent several months thinking about the best bank accounts, clothes, toiletries, etc to take, including prams.  Trying to predict the kind of life style we will have is tough.  I don’t particularly feel comfortable about driving on the other side of the road in a place that is notorious for bad drivers, with my precious cargo onboard.  It just doesn’t sound appealing.  Whilst the thought of catching public transport also feels quite overwhelming, given my very basic Arabic that I haven’t really had time to practise.  I can ask the bus driver for falafel or tea, but I have no idea how to ask which bus takes me home….that takes me to the next thought.  HOME!! My new home is heaps bigger and fully furnished with brand new furniture.  Awesome, although feels weird moving into our new home when I haven’t actually seen it yet.  I’m excited, but a little apprehensive!

The question then remain of what I will do there.  I don’t know, the same monotonous tasks as here in Canberra, except I’ll do my clothes washing in a new machine using new powder.  Nah, just kidding…It’s an amazing adventure, and I’m so excited (truely, I am!) about going out exploring with Joel and the boys and soaking up the rich cultural experience. When I have time to relax at the end of the day, I’m hoping to spend some of my time doing a photography course.  I feel like I could get so much more out of my camera than what I already do.  It’s time to follow my passion and grow in this area.

Max is SO excited about starting preschool.  He is desperate to meet his new friends at the Sunshine School.  Hopefully he will be a ray of sunshine in the school and not a dark cloud!

Where to next….continuing to apply for passports.  Good thing Amy’s signature is so pretty! We have applied for 3 for each of the kids and us.  It’s crazy!!

While we wait for Joel’s security clearance to go through, and hopefully this won’t delay our departure, we continue to prepare our house, our kids and ourselves for our exciting, new adventure….


Control V

And I’m off, making and storing (or pasting) memories in my brain that is struggling to remember to eat lunch!!

I had the MOST SUPERB weekend, flying with Davo and hanging with Heids.  Love you both heaps and am so glad I have those memories stored freshly in my mind.  I will treasure those memories, except for the spewing into a spew bag incident, whilst Davo continued to remind me to watch the horizon (hey, I had to give those crazy moves a go didn’t I.  Didn’t last long though!).

Unbelievable….we are GOING!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! It’s starting to feel real and I’m freaking out, slightly.  Joel told me they have started to book our tickets, and we had the removalist people over today to find out what we are taking and leaving behind.  I wonder if feral children can stay behind in a carton? They wouldn’t take up too much room, and Maxi likes the storage place.

People, get ready for the tears.  As I’m writing this, my heart is beating faster as I begin to get a picture of reality (I personally liked the denial stage). Reality…what will that include? HOpefully, a photography course and some intensive Arabic lessons over there because at the moment my Arabic is shocking (although I can ask for Falafel politely)…REALITY!!! Does anyone know, not I.  I’m sure we have plenty of stuff to do.  One set of passports have arrived, but we need another set for the Israeli stamps.