Prepost Blog

I have been convinced to start a blog, probably more for my own outlet, but also a way to keep friends and family up to date……

Time is quickly approaching for our big move overseas.  Heaps to do, but no departure date makes things a little difficult.  I know we are going, but are we really?! It’s hard to make this massive event in my life feel real, when it isn’t actually real, yet.  We have a date to be uplifted, so they call it.  They will come and pack and move us which is lovely, but to where?? We don’t have anywhere to go yet, as we don’t have a departure date or plane tickets.

Anyway, I’m excited about the move, or is that what I’m supposed to say? It doesn’t feel real yet, I’m guessing it has to do with some denial on my part.  What a massive change! It’s going to be so, so hard to leave our fantastic family, awesome friends and our home.  Thankfully, Joel and I aren’t the kind of people to get too attached to material things.  Although, I don’t like change, I love the idea of moving to a new place.  A bit more space and light will do wonders for my sanity on a daily basis.

It is sucky to not be able to take our close friends and family with us.  We are so blessed with an enormous support circle of love and friendship.  Something we will miss so dearly, something that is irreplaceable.  Although it is sad to leave, I’m feeling peaceful, really peaceful.  In this sense, I do believe it is very much a God thing, the way everything has fallen into place, and the way we are feeling so peaceful.  All I can say is thank goodness for the brilliant people who are coming to visit! Sarah, love your work, already booked her ticket.  It certainly makes it easier knowing we are going to have some visitors.  It also makes it easier knowing we will be back next Christmas.

I’ll stop there, leaving you with my rambles and feelings.  Next week is one of our big organising weeks…it’s going to be huge!!